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The family operated group have owned Beckside for over 300 years and have an expanding and diverse portfolio of enterprises.


Beck is a Cumbrian word for a small river or stream and hence we are "beside the beck" in the beautiful Whicham Valley which forms part of The English Lake District.

Robert Morris-Eyton MRICS FAAV
Managing Partner: Morris-Eyton & Son
Managing Director: Beckside Construction Ltd

Robert grew up on the family farm and continues to manage the farm on a daily basis, including milking shifts at weekends. Following training at Cirencester and managing estates in Sussex, Robert qualified as a Chartered Surveyor and currently operates as a consultant Land Agent covering a wide range of topics including:

- agricultural tenancy
- utility claims
- commons related issues on agricultural land.

Following the successful installation and operation of the Beckside Hydro in 2012 the construction business Beckside Construction provides specialised hydro advice and construction services.

Robert Morris Eyton

Robert Morris-Eyton

Managing Director

Rowena Morris Eyton

Rowena Morris-Eyton

Rowena Morris-Eyton
Partner: Morris-Eyton & Son
Director: Beckside Construction Ltd

Rowena grew up on the family livestock farm in Dumfriesshire and attended agricultural college before becoming a contract shepherdess in Scotland. Rowena manages the 1000 ewe flock at Beckside and helps Robert manage the farm and construction businesses.

Isobel Cockcroft (Morris-Eyton)

Isobel graduated from Cirencester with a degree in food supply chain management in 2011. Since then Isobel has set up a number of businesses including Exclusivity Cumbrian, a hamper company with Cumbrian goods and a red deer farm with venison sold through Lake District Farmers to top London restaurants. When not running her other businesses Isobel works predominantly with the sheep on the farm especially at lambing time. In addition Isobel assists with the work of Beckside Construction Ltd, specialising in HDPE pipe welding for Hydro Electric schemes.

By way of hobbies Isobel is a keen rifle shot, shooting full bore with a specially made rifle at distances up to 1200m at Bisley in competitions and stalking deer in Scotland. Isobel's other passion is horticulture and she is currently completing the Royal Horticulture level 2 course.


Isobel Cockcroft

Isobel Cockcroft

Deer Farmer


Rebecca Morris-Eyton

Rebecca Morris-Eyton

Rebecca has numerous training certificates as part of her bank of qualifications predominantly focussed around her work in the hospitality industry. As part of her love of cooking Rebecca set up Potters Kitchen a cake baking service. Rebecca has worked on all front of house roles in various hotels including duty manager and wedding catering. Rebecca's most recent post was 6 months full time work as a medical assistant on an island off Cambodia for the American reality TV show Survivor.

Rebecca's hobbies include both riding and driving her Clydesdale horse, rock climbing, Pole Art and kite surfing. In addition Rebecca is a full member of the local Duddon and Furness Mountain Rescue Team attending emergency call outs as a volunteer.

Patrick Morris-Eyton

Patrick is a full time shepherd on the family farm specialising in Swaledale sheep, with his own show winning flock. In addition he assists with the preparation and sale of Black Face tups in Scotland having completed an apprenticeship on a specialist pedigree hill farm - Conachan near Perth.

Patrick loves working both his collie dogs on the sheep and gun dogs on the shooting field. Patrick is a keen and competent shot gun shot with trophies for clay pigeon shooting and an excellent game shot.

Patrick Morris Eyton

Patrick Morris-Eyton

Assistant sheep farmer

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